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    Payment Options

    1. Payment on delivery

    The products will be sent by courier and you will pay on delivery the order cost plus the shipping cost.Under current tax rules, for documents over 1.500€ for individuals (retail receipt)   and for documents over 500€ for professionals and companies  (Commercial Invoice). At this case you should pay only with the following ways:

    • Deposit / Bank transfer
    • Credit card or debit card

    2. Deposit / Bank transfer

    If you don't have a credit card or you can’t be at home the time of delivery, you can make a bank transfer in order to make  your payment.

    Please pay to one of the following bank accounts:


    ACCOUNT: 119002002005088

    ΙΒΑΝ: GR 1501401190119002002005088


    ACCOUNT: 00260034700200277381

    IBAN: GR 6202600340000700200277381


    ACCOUNT: 5040026120098

    IBAN: GR 5801720400005040026120098


    ACCOUNT: 15747043204

    IBAN: GR 8201101570000015747043204

    3. Credit card or Debit card:

    Visa, MasterCard,  Maestro, Diners, American Express.


     The PayPal company provides payment services, through third parties to ebay, and is governed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Great Britain – FSA( like all British Banks and financial institutions of Great Britain), and facilitates with safety a transaction by informing the contracting parties only the necessary information to complete the payment. To get a paypal account is free, as is the transfer of funds from your paypal account to your bank account. You can also send and receive money online free, and also buy with safety from shops which are connected with paypal. If you do not have an account to Paypal, you can open free of charge if only you visit the site